Tribute page

Winston Nurse 1942 - 2004

After a 7 year battle with Cancer Winston passed away in July 2004 & is missed by everyone who knew him

My life in radio started when I was a boy growing up with news of the war and other troubles around the world. My favourite stations were ZFY, WROL, VOA and all of the Latin American stations. I joined the British army in 1965 and after being posted to Malta in 1970 I joined BFBS51, I was with them for about a year. After moving back to Kent in 1971 I helped out at BBC radio Medway. I then went to Belize for approx six months while there I helped with the regimental show on Radio Soelize.

After leaving the Army in 1974 I joined Radio North Kent, My Wife worked for the Hospital at the time and told me of the station, I have been here ever since. In between time I have worked on RSLís for Medway FM, Rocket Radio, & The River. I have been with Radio North Kent committee for a long time and in the past I have been Chairman, Station manager fundraising organiser and now Iím the chief engineer. During my time with Radio North Kent I have seen good come and go, I remember a lady jumped out of an aeroplane to raise funds for the purchase of electronic equipment, that shows a dedicated team. My work as an engineer at RNK is to keep the station going at all costs which is not easy with the age of computers and other gadgets, engineering is getting complicated but with our other engineer Andrewís help we keep ahead of the game.

My work with Medway FM paid off as we won the right to broadcast to Medway. In 2000 the GWR group bought Medway FM and Iím now a freelance presenter with 107.9 Mercury FM (formally Medway FM) In 2002 Medway FM was sold again to Kent Messenger Group and has been rebranded as KM-fm