Tribute page


Mike sadly passed away in the early hours of the 29th June 2012 and will be missed by us all.

Mike Povey has been broadcasting for over 36 years, both here at the Gravesend & North Kent Hospital and elsewhere! When pressed, he will admit to having been born B.C. (Before Caroline, that is!).

Mike has been married to Phebe for over 36 years (and it don't seem a day too long). They have two grown up daughters, Helen and Karen.

When he started in radio, the dog on the H.M.V. label was just a puppy and the Dead Sea was only slightly sick. Mike thinks that modern broadcasting is so much easier now that needles don't have to be sharpened and C.D. players don't have to be wound up & that new thing in the studio "A computer"

Mike was Treasurer of Hospital Radio North Kent for 36 years & was never able to arrange that trip to the South of France.

Usually heard on Saturday & Sunday mornings, between 06.00 to 09.00 with the "Weekend Breakfast Show" & Thursday evenings 6 - 8pm but has been known to crop up at other odd times.

"The great thing about Hospital Radio", Mike says, "is that in just one programme you might well get to play The Spice Girls, Louis Armstrong, The Doors, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles and Glen Miller. We are close to our audience and are flexible enough to play exactly what our listeners want to hear."

Mike hopes to continue broadcasting at least until he retires (which is usually just after eleven o'clock on a weeknight).