Presenter page

I joined Radio North Kent when I was 13 as a request collector; I also helped Kevin with his Radio Bingo on Sunday’s. Up until the autumn of 1998 I was helping Emma with her Saturday afternoon show which was a mystery year show. From summer 2001 I could be heard on the radio every Sunday between 12:00 and 12:30 this was for my training and other times with Andrew as we had been covering some shows together, this helped with my training. In the summer of 2002 I passed my training and I was a relief presenter as well as a co presenter on Thursday evenings. On the 1st April 2003 I took over the 8 - 10 slot on Tuesday evenings as a full time presenter, I'm still part of the Decade show team on Thursday's and I also present Radio North Kent's Greatest hits, 3 hours of great music every saturday from 1 I often called dangerous Darren and if you ever meet me you’ll know why.